Marcelo Aleksandravicius

Forensic Expert and System Engineer.

Extensively experienced with technology development and involved in many international system projects, such as:

  • Mosaico - Alenia Spazio (Italy, three years)
  • SIVAM - Amazon Surveillance System (USA, one year)
● Solid demonstrated knowledge working on projects, developing solutions using predominantly C, C ++, Java, and PHP languages, aiming, whenever possible, to apply the industry best practices and design standards to the finished product.
● Multi-platform, Distributed, embedded systems development. As well as build countless drivers (multi-io, serial, radar, etc.) and a myriad of embedded systems for Linux.
● Experienced with Management tasks, including multidisciplinary and multicultural teams.

Assembly C++ Java



USB, SPI, I2C, TCP etc



  • Research and Development

    2023-03-21 08:28:43
    Zephyr RTOS MCU Nordic ESP32 C/C++ Bluetooth MESH

    IOT Research and Development

    ● Development of Zephyr drivers

    ● Creating Bluetooth mesh solutions

    ● Integrating legacy devices/systems with new BLE 5

  • Research and Development

    Hacking Android Bytecode Decompilers Crypto Analysis ADB C++ Java Bluetooth


    ● Developing FORENSIC DESK 1.0 (web frontend /backend too) - A complete solution to unlock, extract, analyze and create forensic reports for SmartPhones.
    Main goals:

    1. Fast
    2. Work with the reality of high demand. Customizable reports.
    3. Intuitive. Low learning curve.
    4. Few touches from acquiring data to generate forensic reports.
    5. First version Unlocking Samsung devices.
    6. Very Low price (free for patreons) !!

  • Forensic Expert and Development Consultant

    2015 - Current
    Forensics Assembly MCU C++

    Rio de Janeiro PD

    ● Official Forensic Expert working on cybernetic investigations.
    ● Development of many programs to help the mobile data extraction and Analysis process.
    ● Ported ADB client/protocol to micro controller architecture (STM32F4 family), opening many possibilities to mobile communication and data extraction.

  • System Developer

    2013 - 2015
    Java Architecture

    Modulo Security

    ● Designed and developed (Java, Java FX, HTML5-JS-CSS) the end-to-end product POC for the SISGAAZ project proposal.
    ● Developed the algorithm responsible for generating the nautical charts tiles embedded in the POC application.
    ● Defined the subsystem specifications within the project proposal, highlighting the simulation and Data fusion

  • Andrei - 2008

  • System Developer

    2002 - 2012
    Architecture C++ TCP/IP Java Driver development UNIX RTOS VxWorks


    ● Developed, integrated and tested systems in the "MODFRAG", "CORVETA", "SÃO PAULO AND LMS Corveta", and "Frigate for the Brazilian Navy" Projects.
    ● Created several simulators that integrated the Brazilian Navy Frigates "WAR GAMES" environment, including the scenario simulator, utilized for cinematic elements creation (air targets, surface, submarines, missiles, torpedoes, weather balloons, etc.) and distribution to other equipment simulators.
    ● Modelled and Developed end-to-end all simulators that replicate the following types of equipment for the SAO PAULO AIRCRAFT CARRIER:

      1. Scenario Simulator (FRAGATA, SP, CORVETA, LMS)
      2. AIS Simulator
      3. Radars (15, 23, and DECCA 1226)
      4. IFFs (15, and 23)
      5. Odometer
      6. Anemometer
      7. DGPS (Differential Global Position System)
      8. Integration with GAR (Radar Simulator)

    ● Corrected XPORT 1011 Multi Serial Driver errors for Linux OS.
    ● Developed a tool to validate and test XPORT 1011 multi serial port communication. (JAVA, JNI)
    ● Designed and Implemented a myriad of tools, libraries, and frameworks for systems development support and troubleshooting.

  • System Engineer

    2001 - 2002
    C++ Java J2EE TCP/IP WebSphere Cryptography


    Participated in the SPB ("Brazilian Payment System") systems development. The system development consisted entirely in the Java programming language utilizing the J2EE platform (MDBs, EJBs, JMS queues, etc.).
    ● Developed API for messaging encryption and decryption.
    ● Created several applications to simulate/emulate one or more Financial Institutions (FIs) behaviours; Developed Beans (MDBs) to handle messaging on JMS/MQ queues.

  • Gabriel - 2000

  • System Engineer

    1999 - 2000
    C++ Java Corba Oracle Database UML Artificial Intelligence

    AMAZONTECH - USA (Dallas /TX)

    Specified and created a SIVAM (Amazon Surveillance System) subsystem responsible for extracting "clues" (data under suspicion) through an heuristic matrix searching for suspicious activities.
    ● Developed many JAVA GUIs and Business logic classes.
    ● Developed Servers (managers) utilizing CORBA middleware.
    ● Worked on the security rules definitions.
    ● Subsystem Database data modelling.
    ● Designed and Managed a project to create tools to accelerate the communications interface production.
    ● Elaborated all related UML diagramming.

  • System Engineer

    1997 - 2000
    C++ Java Unix RTOS VxWorks VTK 3D Driver Development

    ALENIA SPAZIO - Italy (Rome, Genova)

    Participated in the MOSAICO system development project. This system aimed to simulate all combat-related processes present on Italian Frigate Ships and, this way, evaluate the propagation time of the many generated information through its multiple subsystems to later suggest changes and optimizations.
    ● Managed the Combat System Simulator (CSS) control system development.
    ● Provided Networking consulting services - The consulting engagements involved testing performance in real-time systems and its implementations targeting latency decrease with the processes communications.
    ● Developed several libraries for Operating Systems Independent Utilization (SOAPI)
    ● Created non-native Widgets (Combo-box, TabStack, etc.) for Motif(XWindows Solaris).
    Participated in MODFRAG(Frigates Modernization Project) developing GUIs, communication drivers (Linux/VxWorks: 739, 6501, multi I/O) and, C++ infrastructure libraries.
    ● Development of BSCGRAPH Simulator - System for 3D Visualization of Objects subjected to magnetic resonance response verification.
    ●Developed Java applets for electromagnetic interference graphs comparison and presentation.

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