(this text is a work in progress)


Installing the license

When you run the FT for the first time, you will see all the APPs buttons grayed out, except the Registration Button.


Register your FT

To register your version, first click on the Registration button and follow the steps.


  1. Click Copy button to get your HID data copied to the clipboard. Open the browser at https://forensicdesk.com/ and under menu click in "PROGRAMS & LICENSES"

  1. Click the Register button and paste the HID code.

  1. Click register to get your license generated. Then click "Copy" button.

  1. Paste the license in the the License Text Area. After that, you will see your name, email etc appearing below on "Registered for:" area. Also, some FT buttons will come to life.

  1. If you get the license updated from the Administrator, just open again the Registration Window" and press the "Update License from forensicdesk.com". A new license will be downloaded and installed.

  1. Be Forensics !