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Video in brazilian portuguese explaining the whatsapp extraction process .

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ForensicDesk Tools

ForensicTools was born basically as a WhatsApp Extractor. It's first goal was to make more comprehensive report only for the WhatsApp chats.

But, from the 1st version, it evolved and will definitely change enormously in the next release.

Let's now see where we are and Where do we intend to go!

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Available for Windows Linux Mac

Forensic Tools 2.0

Main features - Present

Works on Android ...,5,6, 7,8 and beyond!
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WhatsApp extraction

In just a few clicks you will be able to extract all the WhatsApp chats, decrypt backup databases, recover deleted conversations and generate an incredible report.

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Works on All Androids

FT comes with a USB and Bluetooth data extractor. It was developed as a proof of concept, but the code already works extracting contacts, call logs, sms etc.

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Customizable reports

All the reports are customizable, so you can change everything, from the layout color, logo, size to the information you choose to display.

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Modular Programming

ForensicTools was developed using the modern modular programming paradigm.

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Auto Update

An auto update kernel makes FT to be always in the last version. All the new modules will be automatically downloaded and installed.

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Removed messages

All the WhatsApp backup databases will be decrypted and merged, so you will be able to see almost all the removed messages.

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All Thumbnails are restored from the databases. You will be able to see all images received or sent. Clicking the thumb will bring you where it appears in the chat.

Already working for:
agenda, contacts, call logs and SMS.
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All mobile data

Extract data through USB or Bluetooth. We are developing a complete mobile forensic solution to unlock, extract , examine the data and create reports.

Forensic Desk 1.0

In the near Future:

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Soon, you will find here the complete description of the first release of Forensic Desk.

A complete solution to unlock, extract, analyze and create forensic reports about SmartPhones data.

Main goals:

1. Fast
2. Work with the reality of high demand work. Customizable reports.
3. Low learning curve.
3. Few touches from acquiring data to generating reports.
4. First version Unlocking Samsung devices.
5. FREE (or almost)!!

About Us

Forensics, security and development. We love what we do!